Goodsmile Meeting 2019 Vol. 1 Livestream to Air on April 9

Goodsmile Racing and Team UKYO will holding their first livestream of 2019 on Tuesday, April 9 at 8:00 PM (JST)! Here’s where you can tune in to watch.

You can also watch on Niconico Live here.

The show will run for about 60 minutes. The teams will be reporting on the official test runs and season openers that they will be participating in. Here’s who we’ll be seeing during the show:

Team representative: Takanori Aki
Team supervisor: Ukyo Katayama
Racer: Nobuteru Taniguchi
Racer: Tatsuya Kataoka
Chief Engineer: Takao Kohno of RS Fine
The 2019 Racing Miku sponsors

Goodsmile Racing Official Site
Goodsmile Racing Official Twitter
Team UKYO Official Twitter

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