VocaSphere is Now Live!

After several months of sharing news on our Facebook VOCALOID fanpage, a few members of said fanpage have decided to move over to sharing VOCALOID and other vocal synth news on an easier to access platform where everything can be archived for better reference! We’ve found ourselves often building upon stories that we previously reported on and having to go through all of our Facebook posts to find the links. But that will be no more! From now on, we’ll be posting all large news on our news blog: VocaSphere.


The Art

All of the art, including the background, is by the awesome SapphireMoon! We can’t thank them enough for letting us commission them! We chose characters based on some of our most favorite popular characters. Expect to see things switched up here and there in the future! We hope to eventually have rotating banners featuring many more of our beloved vocal synths from all over the world.

New Social Media

We officially have a Twitter now that you can find at @VocaSphereNews. Expect to see more social media presence in the future as we continue to grow!


We’re also currently looking for more members to join us both on the fanpage and on VocaSphere! We’re looking for people interested in posting music, art, and more as well as people who want to share their love of vocal synths with everyone! Even if you don’t want to write, we’d love to have you on the team to help writers find news to share. Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or Twitter account.

Thank You

Finally, we’d like to thank fans for all the support they’ve given us over the last few months. We look forward to bringing you more content and becoming a place where everyone in the fandom can enjoy themselves! Stay tuned for more news about VocaSphere as well as lots of vocal synth news in general!

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