Details on Yuezheng Ling’s 2019 Birthday Livestream Announced

A video post on Yuezheng Ling’s official Weibo account has shed some light on what we can expect from her birthday party livestream this Friday, April 12!

First, the exact time of the livestream will be 8:00 PM (CST) at the following link:

Before the livestream, however, at 12:00 AM (CST), the official Shanghai Henian store will be selling new merchandise based on her anniversary illustration by TID! See our previous reminder post for details.

Secondly, they’ll play a game of “guess the song” with the viewers in which they’ll play one of Ling’s songs, and those watching will need to correctly guess the song title. Those who do can win some prizes!

Furthermore, two brand new songs will be announced during the livestream, and will be distributed on Bilibili Music and other platforms! Be sure to watch for details.

Finally, Ling promises some kind of surprise for viewers in form of more presents that she’ll be handing out on Weibo. What could she mean? Well, she called it a “surprise” for a reason!

We wish Ling a happy birthday on April 12, and hope that her party will be a hit with fans!

Information and video source:


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