Members of the VOCALOID Community Remember wowaka

By now, word of wowaka‘s death at the tender age of 31 has reached many a VOCALOID fan, and has shocked and saddened members of the community worldwide.

Nowhere else is this more apparent than on Twitter where the hashtag #wowakaさん is currently trending, and which fans are using in tweets expressing their grief as well as gratitude to the late producer. Below are just a few of the many beautiful tweets that fans have been making in the past day.

But it’s not just the fans who are mourning the loss of wowaka. Fellow producers who knew him personally and/or were greatly influenced by his music are now recalling their memories with wowaka and his songs.

Below are some of these tweets by other influential members of the VOCALOID community, reflecting on how wowaka has touched each of their lives.

“I had the honor of meeting wowaka-san once during MIKUNOPOLIS in July, 2011. I never had the chance to meet him after that, but I so looked forward to his band making the stop on their live tour in Sapporo. May he rest in peace.”
-Hiroyuki Itoh
“When I first heard ローリンガール / Rolling Girl, I was captivated by the song’s powerful message and lyrics, and by Hatsune Miku’s singing voice. I still remember how much I have listened to and sang it since, one of my most cherished songs. Words can’t describe how sad it is to have lost such a talented individual. May he rest in peace.”
Chihiro Ishiguro
“I’m at a loss for words. It’s unbearable to think that I’ll never be able to see wowaka-san again.”
“It was during the D-FES portion of Dokinama that wowaka-san, as a member of Hitorie and Fullkawa Honpo, announced the name change from HITORI-ATELIER to Hitorie, for which I am grateful. It may not mean much to say, but… Thank you.”
Sergey Akasakov
“How I wish I could have had the chance to speak with wowaka-san, just once. Rest in peace.”
“I was once interviewed in a magazine long ago, where my name was listed alongside wowaka-san’s. It brings back a lot of memories, and I’ll probably read again many times over. I’ll treasure this magazine forever.”
オワタP / OwataP
“Even if our genres of music were different, it made me very happy when he told me that he started making VOCALOID music after listening to my songs.”
“wowaka-san, thank you for all your amazing music.”
“May he rest in peace. I still remember how giddy I felt reading wowaka-san’s interview in a magazine long ago when I just a VOCALOID fan, and how I read that interview time and time again. The feelings in me at the time that I can’t put into words, became the driving force propelling me today. It may carry a different meaning saying this now, but I will never, ever forget that feeling.”
キノシタ / Kinoshita
“I could hardly utter a word all day. This is truly such a loss. wowaka-san, from the bottom of my heart, rest in peace. I feel heart-wrenched whenever I think about his family and the members of Hitorie, but I know it’s better to continue on as a supporter of all that he has done.”
みきとP / MikitoP
“If I could have met him, I’d tell him directly how awesome HOWLS is.”
ピノキオピー / PinocchioP

Other signs of wowaka’s lasting influence can be seen on the Niconico daily VOCALOID video rankings, where wowaka’s songs occupy the top seven spots at the time of this writing:

We at VocaSphere will never forget the contributions to and influence that wowaka has had on the community, and will continue to do our part to preserve his memory. Rest in peace, wowaka.

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