New Merchandise Available for Pre-Order from COCOLLABO

The COCOLLABO Net Shop has revealed a ton of new Hatsune Miku and Racing Miku 2019 Ver. merchandise to gear fans up for the new racing season!

Racing Miku 2019 Ver. VICTORINOX Multi-Tool

Tool functions (14 in all): large blade, small blade, can opener, 3mm minus driver, bottle cap opener, wire stripper, 6mm minus driver, reamer, eyeleteer, cork opener, scissors, multi-hook, toothpick, tweezers, key ring

Price: ¥8,100 JPY
Product page:

Racing Miku 2019 Ver. Thermal Bottle

Size: 245mm (H) x 60mm (D)
Material: stainless steel, polypropylene
Capacity: 350ml
Price: ¥3,240 JPY
Product page:

Racing Miku 2019 Ver. DINEX Mug

Capacity: 226mL
Material: polypropylene
Heat resistance: 120℃
Cold resistance: -20℃
Weight: 81g
Price: ¥2,160 JPY
Product page:

Racing Miku 2019 Ver. Die Cut Cushion

Size: 460 (W) x 300 (H)
Material: polyester suede
Price: ¥3,240 JPY
Product page:

Racing Miku 2019 Ver. Rollbag

Size: 190 x 380 mm
Capacity: 5L
Material: PVC coating polyester
Price: ¥3,240 JPY
Product page:

All Racing Miku 2019 products are available for pre-order with the Goodsmile Racing Personal Sponsor coupon, which you can read about here.

Leather Shoulder Bag

Modeled after Miku’s sleeves
Price: ¥27,000 JPY

POINT 1: Number 39 imprinted on the zipper slider
POINT 2: Number 01 stamped on the shoulder strap
POINT 3: Black and silver parts the catch the eye
POINT 4: Necktie-shaped stitching on the chest strap
POINT 5: Blue-green (“Miku color”) leather
POINT 6: Carbon fiber leather stitching on the exterior part
POINT 7: Miku pattern on the interior part
POINT 8: Soft cloth on the rear side against your back

More Details:
Side pocket perfect for carrying cell phone or glow stick
Slanted fastener for the main storage area
Sub storage area on the rear side

Weight: 520g
Size: 260mm (W) x 370mm (H) x 120mm (D)
Material: Leather, die-cast metal, polyester

Special offer: pre-order to receive limited edition merch utilizing the main visual by 姐川 / Sogawa (to be revealed soon)

**UPDATE ON APRIL 10, 2019**
It has been revealed that the pre-order bonus is a 240 x 65 mm PVC Hatsune Miku luggage tag.

And finally, the product page!

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