War of Zodiac x Tohoku Sisters Collaboration Announced

War of Zodiac from XRoads has announced a new collaboration with the Tohoku Sisters!

So far, all that has been revealed is some of the Kiritan artwork by ごとー / Gotoo that will be used in the game, and that the team will have a both at the fifth Koetsuki doujin event on May 4.

*UPDATE ON APRIL 10, 2019**
Now also revealed are the Tohoku Itako illustrations by 伊月あづま / Koretsuki Azuma!

**UPDATE ON APRIL 11, 2019**
We now get to see Kiritan’s character model doing walking, running, and jumping animations. Isn’t she so cute that you just want to play as her now?

**UPDATE ON APRIL 15, 2019**
And now we get to see still images of both Kiritan and Itako’s character models!

More information will surely be revealed as May 4 approaches, so stay tuned for more details!


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