New Media Released for the 300 Glamorous Heroes x Vsinger Collaboration

First of all, happy birthday to Yuezheng Ling, as it is now April 12 in China!

This is also the day when the Vsinger collaboration with 300 Glamorous Heroes commences! To whet players’ appetites, the official Weibo page has been uploading some new media for the event.

First comes a new gameplay video showing Ling’s abilities in the game. You can watch the video on Weibo here, or check it out below:

They also revealed the artwork for Ling’s new unit, illustrated by TID. This will no doubt be one rare drop!

They also released other official art for both Tianyi and Ling in the game, also illustrated by TID.

Details on the other Vsinger characters, however, are still unknown. But you can bet that we’ll share them as well once they are revealed!

All pics from the 300 Glamorous Heroes Weibo page


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