Yuezheng Ling’s Collaboration Song with 300 Glamorous Heroes Available for Download

It is both Yuezheng Ling’s birthday and her debut day in 300 Glamorous Heroes! Now available for download on a variety of music sites is her collaboration theme song in the game.

Song title: 蝶恋花·何处谣 / Dié Liàn Huā · Héchù Yáo
Music: 乌龟Sui / WuguiSui
Lyrics: -冥凰- / -Mínghuáng-
Arrangement: 人形兎 / Rosary, HJK
Mixing: 人形兎 / Rosary
Tuning: OQQ_
Illustrations: TID
PV illustrations: -Catcan-, Ratto_
PV creation: 小M呜喵王 / Xiǎo M Wūmiāo Wáng

Watch the whole video on Bilibili:

You can download the song on the following sites.

NetEase Music
QQ Music
Kùgǒu Music
Kuwo Music

Ling promises that this won’t be the only new song from her today; there’s another one that will soon be revealed today as well! Look forward to news and info on that!


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