CeVIO FeSTA 4 Booth Overview

The CeVIO-only doujin event, CeVIO FeSTA 4, will be taking place on April 14 from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM (JST) at the Nagoya Companies Welfare Hall! We previously reported on the Hachimaki booth that will be present, but being a doujin event, there will be tons of fanmade goods up for sale. Here’s an overview of some!

※Please note that all translated artist, album, and song names below are fan translated, and are not official

ボカロPはじめました / VocaloP Hajimemashita

じゃん / Jan will be manning a booth to distribute their latest single, “逆走Midnight / Gyakusou Midnight (Reverse Midnight)” feat. ONE for just ¥100 JPY! You can watch the PV for the song on YouTube:

Listening RLace

平原雪 / Heigen Yuki will be present at CeVIO FeSTA 4 to to sell their own album, “EMOTIONAL VOLTEXES” featuring more ONE songs for ¥500 JPY! Here’s the tracklist:

  2. 毎日がONE DAY!! / Mainichi ga ONE DAY!! (Everyday is ONE DAY!!)
  3. OИE んねしましょONE? / OИEnne shimashoONE?
  4. Dear Master

You can preview some of these on YouTube!


イージマ / Ijima also has a new album debuting at CeVIO FeSTA 4, “超☆おねちゃんCD / Cho☆ONE-chan CD” for ¥500 JPY!

  • からあげ / Karaage
  • 賞味期限のうた / Shoumi Kigen no Uta (The Expiration Date Song)
  • わかめプロジェクト / Wakame Project
  • おねちゃんのぼうけん / ONE-chan no Bouken (Adventures of ONE-chan)


Other items:
Watchdog ONE Sticker: ¥300 JPY
ONE-chan Guitar Pick: ¥200 JPY

みずがめや / Mizugameya

Though it’s nominally a CeVIO-only event, products for other voice synth characters will be present at CeVIO FeSTA 4. みずがめや / Mizugameya, for instance, will be selling pouches modeled after Sato Sasara, Suzuki Tsuzumi, Takahashi, IA, ONE, and Kizaki Airi, as well as Kotonoha Akane, Kotonoha Aoi, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len!

兎水月/ Usagi Suigetsu

瑞貴うと / Mizuki Uto will be manning the 兎水月 / Usagi Suigetsu booth at CeVIO FeSTA 4, where they’ll offering the following publications:

おとおね本 / Oto-ONE Book (a story about ONE meeting Yukari’s little brother): ¥400 JPY

ゆかり×あかり本 / Yukari x Akari Book (a story about Yuzuki Yukari and Kizuna Akari): ¥300 JPY

Colored illustrations: ¥500 JPY

ふじみ屋なごや支店 / Fujiya Nagoya Branch Store

藤宮高津 / Fujimiya Takatsu will have their manga and postcards on hand, featuring their adorable illustrations!

ゆかりとささろののんびり暮らし / Yukari to Sasara no Nonbiri Kurashi (Yukari and Sasara’s Carefree Life): ¥500 JPY

Postcards of ONE and v flower: ¥100 JPY each

あるふぃね* / Alfine*

The booth for あるふぃね* / Alfine* will have perhaps the largest variety of goods available!

ささつづといろ / Sasa-Tsuzu to Iro (illustration book for Sato Sasara and Suzuki Tsuzumi): ¥500 JPY
Can badges: ¥200 JPY each
Tote bags: ¥500 JPY each
Mini tableware: ¥600 JPY
Sasara coin pouch: ¥500 JPY
IA ONE stationary: ¥300 JPY
Acrylic stand (Halloween-themed Sasara): ¥1000 JPY
Postcards: ¥100 JPY each
Long can badge: ¥300 JPY
Acrylic keychain (Sasara, Tsuzumi, Takahashi, Miku, GUMI, Yukari): ¥500 JPY each
LUMi’s Shinkai glasses cleaner: ¥400 JPY
Sketchbook: ¥400 JPY

フラクタル・エフェクト / Fractal Effect

じゅり朱色 / Juri Shuiro will also be present with the following items:

弟くんをめちゃくちゃにするONEちゃん / Otouto-kun wo Mechakucha ni Suru ONE-chan (ONE-chan Ruins Otouto-kun’s Life) (Manga): ¥200 JPY

IA ONE can badge and phone strap: ¥200 JPY each, ¥300 as a set

Even if you can’t make it to CeVIO FeSTA 4 in person, we still hope you enjoy seeing what’s available, and look forward to attending other similar events in the future!

CeVIO FeSTA 4 official site and Twitter.

See here for the booths at Una Music City 2, and here for Kiritan Matsuri!


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