Yuezheng Ling’s 2019 Birthday Song “我在” Now Available for Viewing and Download

And here is the other promised song that was revealed during Yuezheng Ling’s birthday livestream on April 12, 2019!

Song title: 我在 / Wǒ zài
Lyrics: 为啊哈止 / WeiZhiCass, 古洛 / Gǔ luò, 瞳荧V / TóngyíngV
Music: 人形兎 / Rosary, 纪粹希 / G-Tracy
Arrangement: LunaSafari魔法少女
Tuning: 动点P / Dong DianP
Mixing: 湯偉彬 / Tāngwěibīn

Watch the full video on Bilibili:

You can download the song on the following music services:

NetEase Music
Kùwǒ Music
Kugou Music
QQ Music

You can still catch replays of Ling’s birthday livestream for a limited time here!

And see here for the other new song revealed on Ling’s birthday!


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