Kiritan Matsuri Booth Overview

The first ever Tohoku Kiritan-only doujin event, Kiritan Matsuri, is going on now at the Nagoya Companies Welfare Hall! For those who aren’t currently there, though, here’s a look at what attendees can purchase at the event!

Illustration by nino01

※Please note that all translated artist, album, and song names below are fan translated, and are not official

モナルダの木 / Monarda no Ki

Artist ベルガモット / Bergamot will be distributing voice drama albums for Kiritan and other speech synth characters, plus goods based off them!

きりたんさみっと / Kiritan Summit: ¥1000 JPY

Zwillinge Syndrom -ZERO-: ¥500 JPY
Zwillinge Syndrom IV (featuring Kotonoha Akane and Aoi): ¥1000 JPY

ウナきりきず京都探検隊 / Una-Kiri-Kizu Kyoto Explorers: ¥500 JPY
ウナきりきず仙台探検隊 プレビュー版 / Una-Kiri-Kizu Sendai Explorers, Preview ver.: FREE!

Animal Kiritan acrylic charms (2 kinds): ¥500 JPY each
Acrylic keychain, postcards, and can badge set based off Zwillinge Syndrom III: ¥800 JPY

風車茶屋 / Fusha Tea House

Sumii‘s newest publication, “Kiri’s FIELD” featuring Kiritan and Una, is now on display at Kiritan Matsuri, as are many of their older publications, acrylic keychains, and can badge sets which also feature Aoi and Yuzuki Yukari.

泥船カササギ / Dorobune Kasasagi

Newcomer テイトオ / Teitoo has brought copies of their food manga, “もくもくきりたん / Mokumoku Kiritan,” to Kiritan Matsuri. It’s based off their series of food videos of the same name that you can watch on their Niconico channel!

春日野道知ル辺 / Kasuga Nomichi Shirube

If it’s clear file folders that you’re looking for, then 春日はんたー / Kasuga Hunter has them in spades! Check out each of the folders that they have for Kiritan, Zunko, Itako, and the cast of Zunda Horizon!

東北ずん子 / Tohoku Zunko

Speaking of Zunko, she has her own official booth at Kiritan Matsuri as well! Her catalogue shows a lot of official albums, novels, posters, a clipboard, card carrying case, mini figures, tapestries, T-shirts, and voice dramas featuring the Tohoku sisters!

Even if this is your first time hearing about Kiritan, there’s no doubt that anyone attending Kiritan Matsuri or even just reading about it here will feel very well acquainted with her before long! Well done on the very first Kiritan Matsuri, and we look forward to Kiritan Matsuri 02!

Kiritan Matsuri official site and Twitter

See here for the booths at CeVIOA FeSTA 4, and here for the booths at Una Music City 2!


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