Una Music City 2 Booth Overview

The Otomachi Una-only doujin event, Una Music City 2, will be taking place on April 14 from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM (JST) at the Nagoya Companies Welfare Hall! Here’s a brief overview of several of the booths and their Una goods at the event!

Illustration by yoku

※Please note that all translated artist, album, and song names below are fan translated, and are not official

幻灯事務所 / Gentou Jimusho

Artist こバター / Kobatar will be present and distributing the following publications at ¥500 JPY each:

Goodbye Moratorium? (novel about a college-age Una and Tohoku Kiritan)
See you, my sister (novel about Kotonoha Akane and Aoi)
アフター・エンドロール / After Endroll (novel about Yuzuki Yukari and Tsurumaki Maki)

カエルすたぢお / Kaeru Studio

いろどりかえる / Irodori Kaeru will also have a booth at Una Music City, selling illustrations and goods based off them!

Unas Library (B5, 16-page illustration book): ¥500 JPY)
Unas Library2 Rain (B5, 24-page illustration book): ¥800 JPY
Una Sugar acrylic stand figure: ¥800 JPY
2-pc Otoman can badge set: ¥200 JPY
Postcard (3 kinds): ¥100 JPY each

サンドリワークス。 / Sandori Works。

If you’re looking for some doujin manga, いるみん / Irumin has you covered with their UNMN and UNMN 2 collection of comedic 4-koma strips featuring Una and Miku!

Highbury Runner’s High

They won’t be the only one with Una and Miku goods, though. じょにゐ・ふぁりあす / Johnny Farias will also be distributing Miku-Una illustrations at their booth, plus adorable Una-themed mugs!


ムツキシ / Mutsukishi will also be at Una Music City 2 selling Otoman guitar picks and their “HAPPY TUNE” album featuring Una and Rana, each for ¥500 JPY. And as a bonus, visitors can receive a free copy of their 4-page illustration book オトマチダヨリ / Otomachi Dayori!

スウィートスウィート / Sweet Sweet

momo-n is bringing us even more music with their new album
ウナちゃんは可愛いのだ!! / Una-chan wa Kawaii no da!! (‘Cause Una-chan is Cute!) for ¥500 JPY. You can watch a crossfade for it here!

うなはっぴー / Una Happy

Want more Una albums? Then producer たかはっP / Takahappy will have you covered with their latest album, しーくれっと / Secret! Crossfade here!


Rento will also be debuting their first album at Una Music City 2, “Another Vision!”

音街ウナ / Otomachi Una

That’s right. Una herself will have a booth set up selling Una Talk acrylic glasses stands for for ¥4,800 JPY, plus lots of other official goods like her 2019 calendar, the Una-chance! album, sticker set, and much more from her official goods shop!

So is that enough Una for you? For the true Una fan, probably not! Una Music City will likely be back next year as well for those who could not make it to this year’s event, so look forward to reports on that in 2020!

Una Music City official site and Twitter

See here for the booths at CeVIO FeSTA 4, and here for Kiritan Matsuri!


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