HOW Nulife Holding a Facebook Guessing Game for Miku Expo Concert Tickets

On the Facebook page for Taiwanese drink brand, HOW Nulife, there is now a post for a game in which you have to correctly guess the character silhouette. The only hint that they give is that it’s a “pretty female diva.” Prizes for the winners of the game include concert tickets to see this diva perform live on May 11 at the New Taipei City Exhibition Hall! Now what does that remind you of?

If you can correctly guess who it is, you can become one of five winners who will receive:

  • 2 concert tickets + 2 bottles of green tea (1 winner)
  • 2 concert tickets + 2 bottles of black tea (1 winner)
  • 2 bottles each of green tea and black tea (3 winners)

You have to submit your guess by April 22 at 11:59 (CST) in order to be able to win. You can do so by writing a comment on the post saying…

@__ @__ 她就是(OOO),我要去現場聽他唱歌

Where “@____” are two Facebook friends whom you tag, and “(OOO) ” is the name of the character whom you think the silhouette is.

NOTE: Miku’s name in Chinese is written as “初音未來” (not that we’re telling you it’s Miku, mind you)

Good luck to anyone who enters!

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