Sample Trailer for DTM Station’s “Sing Truly” Album Now Available

Ken Fujimoto of DTM Station Creative Label has uploaded a sample trailer for the upcoming album “Sing Truly” on YouTube. Featuring vocals by Sato Sasara and IA English C, it makes for a truly impressive display of how advanced voice synth technology has progressed.

The album is the result of the collaborative research between the Nagoya Institute of Technology‘s International Speech Technology Research Center, and venture company Techno-Speech, Inc. Together, they used state-of-the-art technology to create the AI singing voice synth system utilized by the album. It’s first album ever to use such a system, and the results certainly speak for themselves! (No punch intended)

The song samples in trailer is “いつかかならず / Itsuka Kanarazu (Surely Someday)” by 多田彰文 ・Akifumi Tada. The album will be officially released on April 28 at the M3 doujin event.

Source: DTM Station article

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