Stardust Umbrella, Wristwatch, and T-shirt Hoodie from MOEYU

Some more Stardust merchandise recently showed up on MOEYU’s TMall site. Take a look to see if any of them catch your fancy!

Stardust Light-up LED Umbrella

First comes the Stardust Light-up LED Umbrella. Its long acrylic handle can light up in one of seven different colors, or alternate between them. The entire umbrella measures about 80 cm tall, and 102 cm wide when fully folded out, and will cost ¥376 RMB.

You can find the product page here with even more pictures!

Stardust Wristwatch

Next, we got the Stardust wristwatch. It’s 250 mm long, waterproof, and features Stardust’s colors and logos all around it. It’s costs ¥576 RMB

You can find its product page here, along with a video preview of the watch.

Stardust T-Shirt Hoodie

Finally, we have the Stardust T-shirt Hoodie. This piece of combination attire costs ¥238 RMB, comes in M, L, XL, and XXL sizes, and is described as being very elastic and easy to wear.

Find the product page and a promotional movie here!

There are still more goods that MOEYU teased to reveal more about on April 20, so look forward to more information on the rest!

See here for our past MOEYU x Stardust collaboration merchandise!.

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