Chiyu’s Synthesizer V Product Now Available for Pre-Order, Weibo Page Up

Chiyu’s demo song and design were both just revealed. Her artwork was designed by ATdan, Hanasa, and Kurukuru Mimi, and her song was created by Zeno.

This alone would make today an exciting day for fans of hers, but the news hasn’t stopped yet!

Chiyu’s Weibo Page

First, Chiyu now has an official Weibo page to follow! It’s called 赤羽_Official, and you can find it here! You can start following her as well as Stardust, Haiyi, and Cangqiong on Weibo, and likely see a lot of humorous interaction between her and her sisters!

Chiyu’s Voice Bank Pre-orders

Furthermore, pre-orders for Chiyu’s Synthesizer V are already available! You can find her product page here. She will go for ¥580 RMB, but is available for ¥500 RMB for a limited time!

If you would like the chance to get Chiyu for free, then make sure to share this Weibo post for the chance to become one of two winners to receive her voice bank!

Stayed tuned as more new for Chiyu is announced!

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