Otomachi Una’s 3rd Anniversary Illustration and Song Contest Announced

Otomachi Una’s third anniversary is coming up this July 30, 2019! To celebrate, another illustration and song contest is being held, much like for her first two anniversaries. However, this year, it’s not for a TV commercial, but will instead be in promotion of a train cart run by the Tenryu Hamanako Railroad Co. and bearing Una decal!

The Song Contest

The purpose of the song contest portion will be to select an appropriate image song in promotion of the Tenryu Hamanako train cart. The winning entry will be used in a promotional music video for the train, and will also be distributed on iTunes, Amazon, and other music services by VOCALOTRACKS.

The song must be an original song that uses one of VOCALOID4 Otomachi Una’s voice banks (Sugar or Spicy). Entries can be of any genre provided that they follow character guidelines and do not infringe on any copyright laws. Each person can enter up to 2 entries.

The following are required for each entry:

・The song data in *.wav / 16bit, 44.1kHz, STEREO format, maximum file size 65MB
・Lyrics in *.txt format
・Thumbnail image in *.jpg format, 2500×2500 pixels, 1:1 aspect ratio
・Picture of the artist in *.jpg format, 2500×2500 pixels, 1:1 aspect ratio (to be used on the distribution sites)

There will be three winners in all who will receive the following prizes:

  • Aimi Tanaka‘s autograph
  • A ï¿¥20,000 JPY Amazon gift card
  • Merchandise from the contest
  • A free 1-day ticket to ride on the Tenhama Line

The Illustration Contest

Meanwhile, the illustration portion of the contest will to select ticket designs for the train. The winning entry will be used for the 1-day tickets that will be passed out to passengers, as well as for interior decal of the train itself!

Note that contest entrants have the option opt out of having their illustration used as decal for the train. In such a case, make sure to use the tag “ラッピングNG” when you upload your entry.

**UPDATE ON APRIL 26, 2019**
The illustration contest page is now up. Here are the rules and guidelines:

  • You are free to draw Una however you like, but she still must be instantly recognizable as Una (Sugar, Spicy, or Talk Ex) at a glance
  • Your entry doesn’t necessary need to be railroad-themed, but such entries would be gladly accepted!
  • You are allowed to make multiple entries
  • When uploading your entry to TINAMI, make sure to tag it with “ct105una” so that it will be entered in the contest (see above note about the tag that you can use to opt out of having your work used for the interior of the train)
  • Illustration entry size is 1378 (W) x 2039 (H) pixels. They can be in any format that you choose
  • Please do not include any text or clip art in your entry
  • No R-18 content allowed
  • Should you win, you must agree to let MTK and Internet Co., Ltd. use your entries for TINAMI website promotion, merchandise, etc.
  • Contest organizers may need to trim or re-color your entry for use as decal for the train. The logo that they add may also obstruct parts of your entry
  • Until the contest results are announced, you not allowed to upload your work anywhere else (other art sites or your own webpage or social media) or face disqualification
  • Shoul you win, you will be contact to provide personal information (such as your shipping address for the prizes), but this information will be kept secret by MTK and Internet Co., Ltd.
  • No parts of your entry (such as backbround) must now infringe on the copyrights or intellectual property rights of a third party.

The illustration contest will be run on the art sharing site, TINAMI, so you must have an account with them in order to enter. Three winners will be selected to receive the following prizes:

  • Commentary on your artwork by Naoki Saito
  • Aimi Tanaka’s autograph
  • A ï¿¥20,000 JPY Amazon gift card
  • Merchandise from the contest
  • A free 1-day ticket to ride on the Tenhama Line

Furthermore, the Tenryu Hamanako Railroad Co. will even have a booth at the “Cho Tetsudou” corner of Niconico Cho Kaigi! Below is a look at what their booth may appear, likely to change once Una goods are finalized!

Both contests will run starting on April 26, and will be accepting entrants until May 31 at 3:00 PM (JST). Best of luck to all who wish enter!

Information source: official contest hub page


  1. Did they set any theme or rules for the Illustration Contest? Usually ist stuff like “don’t use designs by other people” and “you may use the original outfits or design your own”. I’m just curious since it says nothing here ^-^
    It also says nothing about the minimum size of the Illustration.


    1. The illustration contest page on TINAMI is not up yet, which is why information on it is still limited. According to the contest hub page, it will go up on April 26, and we will make sure to update this article with details once it does!


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