War of Zodiac x Tohoku Sisters Collaboration Updates

The world premiere of the War of Zodiac x Tohoku Sisters collaboration on May 4 is fast approaching, and little by little, we are seeing more media released for it! Here are the recent updates.

We saw concept art for Kiritan’s appearance in the game from ごとー / Gotoo, and now we get to see some finalized character portrait artwork for her! Shown here are two versions with different facial expressions.

Next, to complement what we also previously saw with Kiritan, we get to see the walking, running, and jumping animations for Itako’s character model! Once again, they’re all adorable!

**UPDATE ON APRIL 26, 2019**
And at long last, we have official artwork for Zunko herself, illustrated by ネコメガネ / Nekomegane! Her maid outfit makes one wonder what kind of role she will have in the game.

**UPDATE ON APRIL 30, 2019**
We now get to see the Zunko model doing a running animation!

**UPDATE ON MAY 3, 2019**
Here’s one last look at the promotional artwork before the big event. The XRoads booth at Kono Koe Todoke, Tsuki Made Mo 5 (a.k.a. “Koetsuki 5”) is even handing out free postcards featuring the character designs on a first-come-first-serve basis!

Be sure to check out our previous announcement about the War of Zodiac x Tohoku Sisters collaboration, and look forward to news on its launch!


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