Club Kotonoha DJ Event and Golden Week Goods Announced

The 5th anniversary for Kotonoha Akane and Aoi is this Thursday, April 25! But the celebrations won’t end on that day; the biggest ones will be held during Golden Week in Japan! Here’s a look at each.

Golden Week Goods

During Golden Week, there will be brand new items available from the Kotonoha Official Goods Shop up for sale at each of the special events!

Fluffy Round Towel (100cm x 100cm): ¥6,000 JPY
Tablet / PC Case (33cm x 24cm): ¥4,000 JPY
Smart Phone Pochette (24cm x 15cm, belt length 140cm): ¥4,000 JPY
Parka (L, XL): ¥9,000 JPY each
Polo Shirt (L, XL): ¥4,000 JPY each
※All prices are tax included, and they only take cash

For every ¥10,000 JPY that you spend on the goods, you get a free 5th anniversary clear file folder!

Now where can you get these goods? Read on!

Club Kotonoha DJ Event

On May 2 from 3:30 to 8:30 PM (JST) at the Kichijoji CLUB SEATA, the Club Kotonoha DJ event will be taking place! The entrance fee is ¥3,500 JPY, but those who follow Club Kotonoha (@club_kotonoha) and Kotonoha Rock Fest (@KotonohaRockFes) on Twitter will get a ¥1,000 JPY discount!

The DJs who will be performing are:
Akihiro Ohtani a.k.a. ツナマヨ / Tsunamayo
いるかアイス / irucaice
てむら / Temura
Akane and Aoi themselves as virtual DJs

**UPDATE ON APRIL 30, 2019**
Here’s a taste of some featured songs that their respective composers have tweeted!

“Blue Canvas” feat. Kotonoha Aoi

Kichijoji CLUB SEATA location:

And as mentioned, the above goods from the Kotonoha Official Shop will be available at the event! You will even have the option of purchase all the goods at once as a set for ¥25,000 JPY! Those who take this option will receive a clear file folder autographed by the Kotonoha Sisters’ voice provider, Yui Sakakibara, and get a handshake from her as well!

Any leftover goods will then be up for sale at the Kotonoha Happy Birthday 2019 event on May 3 at the Ota City Industrial Plaza PiO! Yui Sakakibara will be present there as well, again signing autographs and giving handshakes to those who purchase all the new goods as a set! See our previous report for details on the event.

Information source: Kotonoha Akane and Aoi official site


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