Photos and Videos from the Xin Hua x Shijiuji Restaurant Event

On April 20, 2019, a collaboration restaurant event for Xin Hua took place at the Shijiuji restaurant in Beijing! Here are a bunch of photos and videos taken at the event appearing on social media, such as Xin Hua’s official Facebook page and her official Weibo.


Greeting people right at the entrance were pop-up displays of Xin Hua in her new outfit designed by Mi’yuki, alongside the main character from the Shijiuji manga.

And here’s a photo from Shijiuji’s official Facebook page. Reportedly, over 50 guests came dressed in lolita outfits to score free admission into the restaurant!

Scenes from the outside and inside of the restaurant. Doesn’t all that food make your mouth water? Furthermore, the song playing in the video is “少女的爱是心照不宣 / Shàonǚ de Ai shì Xīnzhào Bùxuān (A Girl’s Love is a Tacit Mutual Understanding)” by litterzy!


Once inside, fans could see and take photos with more pop-up displays of Xin Hua and the Shijiuji cast, and of course get to dine on some delicious seafood!

司马小忽悠 / Angel Li even gives us a guided video tour of her time at the restaurant! You can watch her full video here.

The event was the second of its kind with the first occasion taking place in December, 2018 at the Shijiuji restaurant in Shanghai. It’s also the first of what will surely become many of the #2019從心開始 (2019 starts from the heart) activities involving Xin Hua and her brand new design all throughout the year!

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