EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Gumissimo from Megpoid -10th Anniversary Best- Announced

GUMI’s 10th anniversary is coming on June 26, 2019! To celebrate, EXIT TUNES is releasing a new compilation album, EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Gumissimo from Megpoid -10th Anniversary Best-, featuring her biggest hits throughout her decade of life, plus some original songs, on June 19, 2019!

Main visual by 花邑まい/ Hanamura Mai



All translated and transliterated song titles are unofficial; tracklist subject to change

  • Original song: チーズケーキクライシス / Cheesecake Crisis by TOKOTOKO
  • Original song: オペラ / Opera by monaca:factory
  • Original song: クリプトグラフ / Cryptograph by papiyon
  • Original song: ビショウジョ・パンデミック / Bishoujo Pandemic by cosMo
  • Original song: ROUGE by 40mP
  • Original song: ベルデグリ / Verdigris by takamatt
  • Original song: 今回の騒動について / Konkai no Soudou ni tsuite (About This Disturbance) by 164
  • Original song: 君と僕のファインドニューエイジ / Kimi to Boku no Find New Age by YM

**UPDATE ON JUNE 8, 2019**
The crossfade for all 35 songs has now available!


Those who purchase the album will get a free random acrylic keychain, illustrated by ネコぷし / Nekopushi, はんざわかおり / Hanzawa Kaori, or みずは / Mizuha (while supplies last)!

Furthermore, various online stores are offering their own pre-order goods to entice you to buy from them!

Pre-order on Animate Online to receive an A4 clear file folder

Pre-order on Amazon to receive a jumbo album jacket

Pre-order on Tower Records to receive a can badge, illustrated by 桜ひより / Sakura Hiyori)

Pre-order on Tsutaya Records to receive an alternate jacket illustration

Pre-order on Toranoana to receive an A3 poster, illustrated by 葉山えいし / Hayama Eishi

Pre-order on HMV to receive a postcard, illustrated by アグアス / AGAS

Pre-order on Potune to get a random acrylic keychain, a GUMI acrylic stand, an illustration book, a 3-pc can badge set, and a B2 poster!

The illustrations features works from 桜ひより / Sakura Hiyori, 葉山えいし / Hayama Eishi, のう / nou, アグアス / AGAS, うちだあさお / Uchida Asao, asuta ***, romiy, 堀泉インコ / Horiizumi Inco, p2, おむたつ / Omutatsu, najuco, and 花邑まい/ Hanamura Mai.

The album costs ¥3,456 JPY, while on the full set of goods on Potune costs ¥5,400 JPY.

Visit the official album site!

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