Can You Get Your Favorite VOCALOID as a Nendo?!

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid #1000 celebrations are in full force! In addition to a photo contest that will be going until April of next year, Good Smile Company is also offering fans the chance to suggest what Nendoroid they wouldd like to see next or see re-released.

Now for VOCALOID fans, this means one thing: Please make more VOCALOID characters, Good Smile! Unless you’re me, then all you really want is the KAITO V3 1/4 scale.

How to Request a New Nendoroid / Re-Release

The process is super simple! Just head to this link here and fill in your email address. Then choose if you’d like a re-release or to request a new character.

Screenshot_2019-04-25 Nendoroid #1000 Celebratory Next Nendoroid Rerelease Survey Good Smile Company.png

If the character you want is a new Nendoroid, all you have to do is tell GSC what series the character is from and the character’s name. We suggest using “VOCALOID” and the company’s name to make sure GSC knows exactly who you’re talking about.

So something like:

“Vsinger VOCALOID” or “1st Place CeVIO”

Get all your friends to suggest their favorite virtual singer as well! While the number of votes won’t determine the winner automatically, Good Smile definitely takes fan suggestions and demands seriously.

Screenshot_2019-04-25 Nendoroid #1000 Celebratory Next Nendoroid Rerelease Survey Good Smile Company(1)

And if you’d like a re-release, you have a list of over 1,000 Nendoroids to go through. Don’t worry, though, here’s a list of non-Miku VOCALOID Nendoroids and their numbers to help you out. There’s far too many Mikus to list, but a bit of research should help you if you’re looking for a re-release of one of the rarer Miku Nendos. (We’re also not including any Happy Kuji Lottery prizes as those weren’t regular Nendoroid releases and are less likely to see re-releases)

  • Nendoroid #039 (The irony!) Kagamine Rin
  • Nendoroid #040 Kagamine Len
  • Nendoroid #058 KAITO
  • Nendoroid #093 Megurine Luka
  • Nendoroid #187 MEIKO
  • Nendoroid #189 Kagamine Rin Cheerful Version
  • Nendoroid #190 Kagamine Len Cheerful Version
  • Nendoroid #202 KAITO Cheerful Version
  • Nendoroid #220 Megurine Luka Cheerful Version
  • Nendoroid #247 Camui Gackpo
  • Nendoroid #276 Gumi
  • Nendoroid #286 Lily
  • Nendoroid #301 Kagamine Rin Append
  • Nendoroid #302 Kagamine Len Append
  • Nendoroid #768 Kagmine Rin Harvest Moon Ver.
  • Nendoroid #769 Kagamine Len Harvest Moon Ver.

Which virtual singer will you choose?!

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