Koetsuki 5, Day 1 Overview

Kono Koe Todoke, Tsuki Made Mo 5 (hereafter “Koetsuki 5”), the fifth annual doujin event celebrating the VOCALOMAKETS characters – Yuzuki Yukari and Kizuna Akari – and many VOICEROID characters, will start next week! Here’s an overview of what attendees can enjoy!


Dates and times

Day 1: Friday, May 3, 10:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM (main activities), 5:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM (drama show)

Day 2: Saturday, May 4


Ota City Industrial Plaza PiO

Main Visual

Illustrated by 緋月優

Theme song

Title: “月とベビースター / Tsuki to Baby Star (Moon Over the Baby Star)
Producer: たかぴぃ / takaP
Illustrator: ペテン / Peten
Animator: とりっちょ / Toriccho

Main Activities

The Yukari Shrine

Get your fortune told by Yukari, the matchmaking goddess, at Koetsuki 5! By placing money in the offerings box, Yukari herself will speak to you and give you a fortune slip. By scanning the QR code on the fortune slip, Yukari will even read it aloud for you!

We can now see pictures of the shrine itself!

VOICEROID Doujin Game Corner

The game creators who took part in Voice Game Jam 3 earlier this year will have their works introduced during the event. Visitors to the corner can even try them out for themselves! See below for a look at the type of content shown during Voice Game Jam 3, and what visitors to Koetsuki 5 can sample.

Here’s a tweet showing the inside of the room where the VOICEROID doujin games are being presented!

Live Painting Demonstration

Artist きゃらあい / Kyaraai will be present at Koetsuki 5 to give live painting demonstrations to visitors! Here’s what she has to say:

I’ve been given the honor of holding a live painting event for Yukari-chan and Akari-chan! I really look forward to painting my two lovelies on a giant canvas! I hope to give a performance that everyone in attendance can enjoy, so please come watch!”
(From the official webpage)

See below for some sample paintings and videos of her past works.

Now you can see the actual live painting demonstration for the Yukari and Akari art!

Live-Size Panel Displays

Illustrations of Yukari and Akari by 縞城依月 / Shimashiro Itsuki will be turned into life-size panel displays that visitors to Koetsuki 5 can take pictures with! The event organizers even invite you to post your photos with the hashtag #声月五 on Twitter.

And here is a picture of the actual displays!

Shadowbox Workshop

Koetsuki 5 attendees can make Yukari and Akari shadowbox papercrafts! For ¥500 JPY, you can purchase a shadowbox kit for Yukari and Akari illustrations by もやししゃも / moyashi-shiyamo, and get advice from experts who will be present.

See below for videos and photos from the Koetsuki 3 shadowbox corner.

Yukari and Akari Chronology

Back by popular demand, a chronology looking back at Yukari and Akari’s past accomplishments will be up on display at Koetsuki 5 as well! There will even be some extra space on the chronology for fans to freely write about how they discovered Yukari and Akari, their fondest memories with them, or even just draw the characters!

Here are some photos from last year’s event to give you an idea of what the chronology will look like, and the event organizers hint at some surprises in store!

Photos from the official webpage

Visit from Yukari

That’s right. Yukari herself will be visiting Koetsuki 5 on a giant monitor to greet her fans and play games for them!

Furthermore have you ever wanted to speak with Yukari or spend a nice relaxing day with her? At Koetsuki 5, you can do just that by donning an HMD and talk with her face-to-face! This is made possible thanks to ヒホ / hiho.

Mini Interview with AI Inc.

Keisuke Kurita from AI Inc., creators of the technology behind VOICEROID, will be present at Koetsuki 5 to hold a mini interview, and to also celebrate the fifth anniversary of Kotonoha Akane and Aoi! See our past article on the Kotonoha Happy Birthday 2019 event that will be part of Koetsuki 5.

Here’s a picture taken showing the interview going on!

Drama Show

New to Koetsuki 5 is the drama show that will take place in the afternoon of the first day. The show is called “Kagayake! Yukarin Star Festival!” and will feature a large cast of characters who will appear as 3D models performing the play!


The play takes place in a world where VOCALOID and VOICEROID characters are idols, and newcomer Kizuna Akari is still finding her way.

Then one day, she learns about the event known as “Kagayake! Yukarin Star Festival” where artists can freely bring and show off their works. It is also being hosted by Akari’s top idol, Yuzuki Yukari.

To prepare for the event, Akari gets to work on a new song, all while receiving assistance (and maybe a little mischief) from Tsurumaki Maki, the Kotonoha sisters, the Tohoku sisters, and more. What will become of Akari’s challenge?

Character Cast

  1. Yuzuki Yukari
  2. Kizuna Akari
  3. Tsurumaki Maki
  4. Kotonoha Akane
  5. Kotonoha Aoi
  6. Tohoku Zunko
  7. Tohoku Kiritan
  8. Tohoku Itako
  9. Haruno Sora
  10. Minase Kou
  11. Kyomachi Seika

To attend the drama show, visitors must first pledge ¥2,000 JPY online and receive a ticket, along with other goods that they can purchase and get on the day of the event. Here’s what else pledgers can receive.

T-shirt (M) (¥3,000 JPY)
Towel (¥2,000 JPY)
Video from Yukari and Akari expressing their gratitude (created by たかぴぃ / takaP) (¥40,000 JPY)
Onigiri (¥100 JPY)
Poster (¥1,200 JPY)
Tote bag (¥2,500 JPY)

Interested parties can make their pledge here.

There’s still lots more to cover for Koetsuki 5, so stay tuned for more!

Visit their official site and Twitter!


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