Koetsuki 5 Booth Overview 1

Day 2 of Kono Koe Todoke, Tsuki Made Mo 5 (hereafter “Koetsuki 5”) will take place on Saturday, May 4 at the Ota City Industrial Plaza PiO. You can check out our previous article about Koetsuki 5 for an overview of the activities planned for Day 1.

Day 2, however, is going to be all about the merch! Here’s a look at just a few of the many, many Yukari and VOICEROID fan circles who will have wares to sell during the event!


The creators of Yuzuki Yukari and Kizuno Akari themselves will have a booth at Koetsuki 5! They will be selling Yukari and Akari stamps based on もやししゃも / moyashi-shiyamo‘s adorable illustrations of them that were used for their official LINE stickers (which you can find here and here). There will be four types of stamps that you can purchase – two for each character – costing ¥800 JPY each (tax included). However, only 100 of each variety will be available, so those hoping to purchase one will have to act fast!

AHS Store

The AHS Store will be bringing a large catalog of goods that any fan of their characters would be delighted to see! Of particular note are the brand new keychains for Kotonoha Akane, Kotonoha Aoi, Tsukiyomi Ai, Tsukuiyomi Shouta, Nekomura Iroha, SF-A2 miki, Macne Nana, and Kyomachi Seika for ¥800 JPY each!

Also new is the sticker set based on the song “無限にホメてくれる桜乃そら先生 / Mugen ni Hometekureru Haruno Sora-sensei (Haruno Sora-sensei Will Praise You Endlessly) by GYARI for ¥400 JPY.

October Beast is also introducing their new Yuzuki Yukari 2019 and Kizuna Akari 2019 T-shirts at Koetsuki 5! You can even see photos of models for the shirts below.

Tohoku Zunko

The Tohoku Region mascot girl from SSS LLC. will have her own official booth as well! In addition to albums and other items from her official shop, they will also be selling what they are calling “thighs noren (ふともものれん),” hangable curtains featuring closeups of each of the Tohoku sisters’ thighs for ¥3,500 JPY each!

ハガネノウサギゴヤ / Hagane no Usagi Goya

KAI recently attended at the Niconico Cho Kaigi 2019 where they introduced their newest album, “ゆかビリティ2/ YUKABILITY 2,” and will be bringing it to Koetsuki 5 next! This collection of folk-style music from around the world truly showcases Yukari’s versatility and potential for all sorts of music. Check out the crossfade below to see what we mean!

キマシタワーProduction / Kimashi Tower Production

Koetsuki may be a Yukari- and VOICEROID-centered event, but that doesn’t mean it excludes other voice synth characters. Also having a presence is IA, notably in the “YukaIA Thanksgiving (ゆかいあ感謝祭)” circles. One such artist is キマシタワーP / KimashiTowerP who will bringing back their sync-loid:07 album of Yukari and IA songs, as well as a new novel entitled “ゆかいあ世界 令和号 (YukaIA World, Reiwa Edition)” which is all about – you guessed it – Yukari and IA’s world!

コペチアン / Copetian

Don’t be surprised to see some Otomachi Una at Koetsuki, either! Among their large catalog of goods, さんだー / Sander will be bringing a new phone case with a cute Una and Kiritan illustration!

This was just a small look at the numerous booths that will be present at Koetsuki 5. You give you an idea of just how many there will be, check out the full list of participating circles here!

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