Chiyu’s Synthesizer V Product Now Released

Chiyu’s Synthesizer V product is now officially on sale, and those who pre-ordered her will be getting her soon! You can find her product page here, where she will be available for ¥500 RMB for a limited time! (She will cost ¥680 RMB after the offer expires)

To get fans ready, Quadimension uploaded the full version of her second demo song last week:

Title: 菲尼克斯的羽翼 / Fēiníkèsī de Yǔyì (Phoenix Wings)

Producers: 战场原妖精 / S_YOUSEi and 浓缩排骨 / Nóngsuō Páigǔ

Ending BGM Rap Remix: Zeno

You can listen to the song on YouTube below or on Bilibili here!

Furthermore, Quadimension has also posted images for updates to the products pages for the standard outfits and Dragon Boat Festival series of character keychains to include Chiyu! As always, the illustrations were provided by 枫叶 / Fēngyè. Each keychain can be purchased for ¥18 RMB individually, or for ¥70 as a full set.

Pic source:

Now we have some images for an upcoming summer swimsuit keychain set, which includes all of the Medium⁵ girls plus ZERO! We also get a look at a poster with Chiyu’s official artwork on it.

Pic source:

Who’s ZERO, you may be asking? We’re not entirely sure ourselves, but you can always re-watch her concept trailer to come up with theories.

These of course are by no means the only character keychain series for the Medium⁵ characters. Check out our previous reports for a summary of the rest!

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