HiNet Virtual Idol Creation Competition Underway

Chunghwa Telecom is holding a competition in which entrants are challenged to create a new virtual idol to serve as a mascot for their HiNet broadband internet service. Entrants must log in to HiNet’s contest page here and submit their character design by June 30, 2019.

Then from July 15 through August 31, the public will be able to vote on their favorite entries through Facebook, and judges selected by HiNet will also be critiquing the designs based on originality and how well they capture the essence of the company. The winning entries will be determined and their designers notified by September 30. Then finally on November 28, the grand prize winner will be revealed and turned into an actual 3D VTuber model, complete with a theme song composed for them.

The contest is being promoted by Taiwanese VTuber, KITSUNEKON, as well as 迷漾 / Mi Yang, the voice provider for UTAU Xia Yu Yao of Voicemith. You can find the contest introduction video below.

Prizes for the winners go as follows:

・Grand prize winner (1 person): $100,000 TWD + trophy + their creation turned into a VTuber mascot for HiNet

・Second place winner (1 person): $70,000 TWD + trophy

・Third place winner (1 person): $30,000 TWD + trophy

・Runner up (1 person): $20,000 TWD + trophy

・Honorable mentions (8 people): $10,000 TWD + trophy

Visit the official contest page here.

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