Koetsuki 5 Booth Overview 2

We’re now just a few days away from the Kono Koe Todoke, Tsuki Made mo 5 (hereafter “Koetsuki 5”) doujin event on May 3 and 4. Here’s a look at the booths for a few more artist circles who will be present at the event, especially those who are attending the YukaIA Kanshasai 2 (“YukaIA Thanksgiving 2”) corner!

怪盗ゆかりん等々製作委員会 / Kaitou Yukarin, Etc. Production Committee

nami (親方P / OyakataP) will be releasing their brand new album called “極東アーティファクト / Kyokutou Artifact (Far East Artifact),” a 6-track album featuring Akari and Yukari songs at Koetsuki 5! Check out the crossfade!

spring green

坂口貴行‏ / Sakaguchi Kikou will be distributing a new illustration book of Yukari in swimsuits, as well as a new short story featuring Yukari and IA. You can see samples of both in their tweet above!

通り雨 / Toori Ame

Coming all the way from Hong Kong to attend Koetsuki 5 is Rudra with the final installment of their “これは、ある少女 / Kore wa, Aru Shoujo” illustration book series, this one being titled “これは、ある少女の願い / Kore wa, Aru Shoujo no Negai (This is the Wish of a Certain Girl)” featuring Yukari, IA, ONE, and MAYU! Also coming along for the ride is their YukaIA acrylic stand, plus their past publications and keychains.


Are you a YukaIA fan who would like to see the pair get married? ゆずのり / Yuzunori would like to entertain the thought with their Yukari & IA wedding anthology set, consisting of an illustration book and novel! They will even throw in a free YukaIA newspaper, and treat their booth visitors to a life-size display of IA in a wedding dress!

Crow Monet

For something a little edgier, しく / shiku brings us their own doujin manga called “YUKAIA’s WARTIME RECORDS,” plus an acrylic figure based on the cover illustration. If you ever wondered how Yukari and IA would conduct themselves on the battlefield, then see samples pages from the manga below!

風乃 / Kazeno

風乃 / Kazeno will keep things more down-to-earth, selling album jackets and posters featuring the Yukari and Akari artwork that they created for kisekilay’s album of VOCALOID covers entitled “Prismic.” Doesn’t the VOCALOMAKETS pair look stunning in their artwork?

Lupinus Flore

y0dap0n‘s booth at Koetsuki 5 will feature more YukaIA illustration books, as well as a variety of handmade goods featuring Yukari, Akari, and the ARIA sisters that you can check out below!

We hope you enjoyed this brief look into YukaIA Thanksgiving 2 at Koetsuki 5. To see a full list of participating artist circles, see the page here from their official website!

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