April 2019 News Roundup!

April 6th marked the launch of VocaSphere and we couldn’t be happier to officially be open for an entire month! We hope to continue sharing tons of news with everyone. But for the moment, let’s round up the biggest news for our first month!

Quadimension’s Chiyu


SynthV vocal Chiyu made quite the commotion in April. She was both announced and released last month, so we covered her quite a bit!

On April 10th, we covered the teaser video for Chiyu, and then covered her first voice samples the next day. Then on April 18th, we got a demo featuring Chiyu’s voice as well!

She was finally released on April 19th with another demo song featuring her singing, rapping, and even demonstrating her mean death growl!

Chiyu’s release also came with some new merchandise announcements, so be sure to check our article here for all the information!

Xin Hua’s 2019 Design


Xin Hua received a facelift for 2019. While many people entered, 深雪 / Mi’yuki was the one who came out on top. Check out our article here for more information on the design and the artist behind it.

Yuezheng Ling’s Birthday Celebration


Ling’s birthday was April 12th and Vsinger gave her a huge celebration! There was a special live stream aired on her birthday, which you still watch here, as well as read about here and here. They also released a special song for her birthday which is available for viewing and download.

And finally for Ling, the Vsinger x 300 Glamorous Heroes collaboration started on her birthday, so there’s quite a bit of news for her in the collab as well!

New Vsinger x 300 Glamorous Heroes Collaboration


On April 6th, we covered the teaser and some new art for the collaboration between Vsinger and the game 300 Glamorous Heroes.

There was then the announcement on April 12th of new art and units in the game, as well as some footage of Ling’s abilities in battle. Definitely check that out here!

And finally, Ling’s collaboration song was released for viewing as well as downloading. So be sure to check that article out here. Video game collaboration songs with VOCALOIDs are always incredibly good.

Luo Tianyi x Gillette


This is probably one of the craziest VOCALOID collaborations to date, but it’s also pretty interesting! Tianyi even appeared in a music video for the “Shaving Beard Dance” to promote the razors. Check it out here.

Magical Mirai 2019


There was quite a bit of Magical Mirai 2019 news this past month as well. The official Magical Mirai 2019 design for Miku was revealed alongside the main visual and a teaser of the official theme. You can find concept art, full visual, and the song teaser here.

The winners of the song contest were also announced as well as the official album.

Miku Expo Hong Kong and Taiwan

There’s just a few days left before Miku Expo’s 5th Anniversary kicks off in Taiwan! The 5th Anniversary E.P. track list was announced last month and you can read about it here. The article covers the track list and where you can pre-order the album. In addition, the same article covers the Digital Stars event and the merch that’ll be available at it as well!

The Taiwan concert is also bringing a lot of extra collaborations with it! We should be receiving more news on the Hatsune Miku X Cytus II collaboration soon. And if that wasn’t enough, the Crypton VOCALOIDS are also collaborating with the K.R.T. Girls to give warnings to travelers about safety protocols and food and drink prohibition while riding on the trains. The characters are also on display in different stations in Kaohsiung, Taiwan as well. Be sure to read about it here.

Hatsune Miku Symphony


And last but not least, we had some Hatsune Miku Symphony 2019 news! The Hatsune Miku Symphony 2018-2019 show was released on April 24 and there were lots or pre-order goodies that were available. MITCHIE M even released a video teaser featuring the symphony’s digital singers. You can read about all of that here. But that’s wasn’t all of the Miku Symphony news! A new image for the 2019 symphony was released and it features MEIKO standing confidently beside Miku. Crypton’s Wat even hinted that this may be part of her 15th anniversary celebrations.

MITCHIE M also uploaded a short MV for the new song written for the Hatsune Miku Symphony 2018-2019 Orchestra Live CD called ガールズフレンドシップ / Girls’ Friendship! Be sure to check it out!

Stay Tuned for More!

Thank you everyone for a great first month at VocaSphere! It’s only a week into May but Marumain has been busy covering all the news and happenings for this month. Be sure to head to our home page to check out everything that’s been going on this past week.

In addition, stay tuned for some exciting posts in the future. We’ll be recruiting Facebook admins soon so that more people can have a platform to share their love of vocal synths. In addition, we’ll be announcing a partnership in the near future!

We have a lot of exciting stuff planned, so be sure to follow us for all your vocal synth news!

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