Miku Expo 2019 in Taiwan Updates: Exhibition, Cytus II Collaboraiton, and Lucky☆Orb Music Video

Miku Expo 2019 in Taiwan takes place this weekend! Here’s one final look at the latest news and updates for the upcoming event!

Exhibition & Workshop

The Miku Expo 2019 Taiwan Exhibition & Workshop will be held on May 11 and 12! Check out what you can do there!

Perhaps one of the biggest booths there will be the Cytus booth, which has already confirmed a myriad of attractions that you can read about below!

Cytus II X Hatsune Miku Collaboration Content

Speaking of Cytus, the official trailer for Hatsune Miku song pack that will be added to Cytus II v.2.3.9 is now available for viewing! Some confirmed songs include “BREAK IT” by 雄之助 / Yunosuke and “魔法みたいなミュージック!/ Music Like Magic!” by OSTER project, and they will be playable at the Cytus II booth at Miku Expo 2019 exhibit and workshop!

In more Cytus II news, the official merchandise featuring Miku with NEKO#ΦωΦ has also been revealed, and so has how you can acquire a card sticker!

Miku Expo 2019 Merhcandise, Novelty Items, and Other Announcements

Want to show off your Miku fandom? You and everyone else at the expo! Here are some novelty items to help you do just that.

We’re also treated to some new sub-visuals for the both Miku Expo locations that were drawn by local artists and will serve as some of the merchandise material.

Those who managed to make reservations with the expo’s accommodation plans will receive some nice bonuses, too.

Fans on Hong Kong got a nice announcement, too: the Digital Stars concert will be coming to their expo location as well!

And what would a Crypton Future Media-sponsored event be without life-size figures of their VOCALOID cast?

Lucky☆Orb Music Video

Finally, the official music video for the expo theme song, ラッキー☆オーブ / Lucky☆Orb, has been uploaded online, and does it ever impress! Be sure to watch it on YouTube and see its full description for the long list of credits!

Shortly after the music video reveal, Cytus made their own announcement for how visitors to the Miku Expo exhibit can get early access to three of the songs from the Hatsune Miku song pack, each of them being a Miku Expo theme song!

  1. Blue Star” by 八王子P / HachioujiP (Miku Expo 2016 theme song)
  2. “ラッキー☆オーブ / Lucky☆Orb” by emon(Tes.) (Miku Expo 2019 theme song)
  3. “魔法みたいなミュージック!/ Music Like Magic!” by OSTER project (Miku Expo 2018 Europe theme song)

And on one final note, congratulations to the official Miku Expo 2019 Twitter page on their new milestone!

We hope to see many of you at Miku Expo 2019 in Taiwan!

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