Watch the TSUKUMO × Thermaltake Short PV Featuring Hatsune Miku on YouTube

Niconico Cho Kaigi 2019 has come and gone, and the event was absolutely filled with can’t-be-seen-anywhere-else moments. Luckily, one of such moments can actually now be watched on YouTube online: the short PV that was played at the TSUKUMO x Thermaltake collaboration booth, featuring “Miku’s PC Room!”

The theme of the video is “This is computing life!” and shows Miku coming out of the computer to try out all sorts gaming equipment!

Video credits:

Song title: “ネットチルナノグ / NetTirnanog
Music & Lyrics by lumo
Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Outfit and room design: iXima
Director: G2
Modeling and background modeling supervisor: ばね@まじめもでら / Vanetter
Character modeling: つみだんご
Clothes modeling: 銀獅 / Ginjishishi
Background modeling: しえら / Sierra
Motion: 犬風邪 / Inukaze
Effect Design: ビームマン / Beamman
Composite: 黒井心 / Kuroi Kokoro
Photography: 片岡義憲 / Yoshinori Kataoka of IN FOCUS
Sound Engineer: 中村公輔 / Kousuke Nakamura(from a foreign studio)
Sound Editing & Direction: 入江陽 / Yo Irie of MARUTENN BOOKS

Information source:

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