Voicemith Reveals LanCee in a Short Preview Video

Fan who have been following our Facebook page may recall us reporting on a new character from Voicemith – creator of Xia Yu Yao – named 蘭希 / LanCee! Her existence was revealed through a series of games that could be played on Voicemith’s Facebook page, and through which you could win wallpapers and ringtones! See a recap below:

By completing these reveal games, we learned that her name is LanCee. Her design, however, has remained a mystery for months.

But now a short teaser preview on Voicemith’s Facebook page has finally revealed a bit of her outfit, 3D model, and even her voice!

Be sure to check back as more of LanCee gets revealed!

**UPDATE ON MAY 9, 2019**
The full introduction video for LanCee has now been uploaded! In the video post, we are also given links to LanCee’s other social media platforms. Be sure to follow each of them!

LanCee’s Twitter
LanCee’s Facebook
LanCee’s Instagram
LanCee’s YouTube channel

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