Doctor=Funk Beat Novelization Details

The novelization of ドクター=ファンクビート / Doctor=Funk Beat by nyanyannya will soon be released on May 15! It will feature illustrations by 予感子 / Yokanko, the artist responsible for the song’s PV, bringing the world created in the song to life! Check out the promotional video.

The novel is being published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha, and will retail for ¥1,300 JPY before tax.

The whole story will cover 5 different tales about the genius doctor encountering various illnesses, all written by nyanyannya. The publication even comes with different QR codes that you can scan in order to actually listen to songs as BGM while you read, with a total of seven songs in all! This truly makes this a more immersive experience than other run-of-the mill novels.

You’ll soon be able to order the novel on its product page here:

Information source:

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