Figure Announcements Made During Snow Miku Time

Here’s some more news to come out of the Snow Miku Time livestream on May 9, 2019 that will surely please figure collectors!

First comes the confirmation of the Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2018 Ver.! We got to see her prototype colored for the first time!

We also got to see an unpainted prototype of the Racing Miku 2019 Ver. 1/8 scale figure, shown for the first time during the livestream. This alongside the recently revealed figma should have Racing Miku fans excited!

Last but not least comes the announcement and teaser for a new scale figure that will be based on Rella‘s design for Hatsune Miku Symphony. All we get is a silhouette for now, but based on what we have seen of Rella’s designs for the 2019 symphony so far, the figure will look gorgeous!

Stay tuned as more info on each are revealed! Be sure to also follow カホタン / Kahotan for more updates!

You can watch a replay of the Snow Miku Time livestream below:

Info source:

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