SONIK☆FEST Updates: Raffle Results, Charm Contest

The SONiKA 10th anniversary celebration, SONIK☆FEST, has seen some more updates lately. Check out the below tweets from their official Twitter to learn how you can still participate!

Raffle Results

The raffle drawing to win SONiKA’s VOCALOID2 voice bank took place on April 24. Get a load of all the entries, including the two lucky ones who won!

Charm Contest

But while the raffle is over, the new charm contest is just beginning! See details below for how to submit your drawings and what you can win!


To see the rest of the planned events for SONIK☆FEST, check out their timeline and join their Discord!

**UPDATE ON MAY 26, 2019**

Now both the winning charm in the contest, and the official SONIK☆FEST charms have been revealed! They also shared the order form for whomever would like either or both charms!

They will stop taking orders on May 30th at midnight EST, so be sure to order soon!

**UPDATE ON JUNE 28, 2019**

Turning Event polls are now available for both tuners and artists. This tuning event will take place from July 1 through July 10, and will likely be the final one before SONiKA’s 10th Anniversary on July 14!

Visit the SONIK☆FEST official twitter to keep up with updates!

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