VOCALOTRACKS Releases kokone 5th Anniversary Songs

VOCALOTRACKS has released 23 songs with kokone as part of her 5th anniversary celebration!

※All translated and transliterated song titles below are unofficial

  1. 風にゆられて / Kaze ni Yurarete (Swaying with the Wind)” by 07870 Mysterious
  2. 虹の彼方に / Niji no Achi ni (Towards the Rainbow)” by 07870 Mysterious
  3. 七色に / Nanairo ni (Seven Colors)” by 07870 Mysterious
  4. Sentimental Girl” by 狗咲 灯 / Inusaki Akari
  5. 木漏れ日の下で / Komorebi no Shita de (Beneath the Sunlit Trees)” by Easel
  6. Sakura” by moguwanP
  7. Gift for You” by moguwanP
  8. Magical Tricks” moguwanP
  9. キムチ大好きキムチっ娘 / Kimchi Daisuki Kimchikko (Kimchi-Loving Kimchi Girl)” by IGASYUN
  10. まっちょぜに / Macchozeni” by IGASYUN
  11. 私は負けない / Watashi ha Makenai (I Won’t Lose)” by IGASYUN
  12. Love You Forever” by Zenya
  13. 雨の音符 / Ame no Anpu (Sound of the Rain)” by すけねこ / Sukeneko
  14. 白い舞台で / Shiroi Butai de (On the White Stage)” by すけねこ / Sukeneko
  15. 星空の日に / Hoshizora no Hi ni (On a Starry Sky Night)” by すけねこ / Sukeneko
  16. ずっと大好き / Zutto Daisuki (Always Love You)” by sp
  17. call my name” by sp
  18. innocent desire” by youdream
  19. rebellion” by youdream
  20. awakening” by youdream
  21. 桜の木 / Sakura no Ki (Cherry Blossom Tree)” by 澤山 晋太郎 / Shintaro Sawayama
  22. 機械の心 / Kikai no Kokoro (Mechanical Heart)” by 澤山 晋太郎 / Shintaro Sawayama
  23. 秋の夕暮れ / Aki no Yuugure (Autumn Twilight)” by 澤山 晋太郎 / Shintaro Sawayama

A Spotify playlist has also been created for fans to sample all 23 tracks, which you can find here.

And to find and purchase each song, visit the VOCALOTRACKS official homepage here!

Info from the VOCALOTRACKS official website and Twitter

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