Kotonoha Happy Birthday Goods Now Available Online, Highlights from Recent Events

Both the Club Kotonoha DJ show and the Kotonoha Happy Birthday celebration took place earlier this month to the delight of their fans! Below are some highlights from the events, plus information on where fans can purchase their goods online.

Kotonoha Happy Birthday

On the first day of Koetsuki 5 on May 3, the Kotonoha twins’ voice provider, Yui Sakakibara herself was there to sign autographs and give handshakes to attendees. Below, we even see her posing with the life-size panel displays of the twins with some cosplaying staff, and visit other booths like those from AHS and 吉田ヨシツギ / Yoshida Yoshitsugi!

Club Kotonoha

This of course came just one day after the Club Kotonoha DJ event on May 2! Below are some tweets from that event by the featured musicians and other attendees who were present at the show, as well as music samples for some of the songs performed!

Goods Available on BOOTH

For those who could not make it to either event, some of the 5th anniversary merchandise can now be ordered on BOOTH!

Poster: ¥1,000 JPY
Mini Towels: ¥2,000 JPY
Archive Filer Folders: ¥2,000 JPY
Calendar: ¥2,000 JPY

All merchandise is available in limited quantities, and expected to ship in June.

Last but not least, enjoy some celebratory fan art for the Kotonoha twins’ birthday, and as always, stayed tuned for more news about them!

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