Tohoku Zunko Partners with Otaku Coin!

VOCALOID Tohoku Zunko is best known for supporting the Tohoku region with her two sisters Itako and Kiritan. The sisters are constantly involved in promotions and even their own anime. But now Zunko, and likely her sisters, will be supporting an app that supports anime creators and studios!

About the Partnership

Promotional Video

At this time, not much information is known about the partnership between Otaku Coin and Zunko. Otaku Coin’s announcement article mainly explains who Zunko is and what her main purpose is. They announce that SSS Co., Ltd., the company that produces Tohoku Zunko, will be joining Otaku Coin as a planning partner.

Their 35 second video also says that “various campaigns are under investigation” which means that there are likely several different campaigns that Otaku Goin and SSS Co., Ltd. are considering!

Considering both parties involved are great at planning promotional and supportive campaigns, we’re sure that there will be great things to look forward to in the future!

What’s Otaku Coin?

Otaku Coin is a cryptocurrency created by Tokyo Otaku Mode to support anime fans and creators alike. Fans can earn coins by “Support”ing anime studios, participating in campaigns, and even watching trailers for upcoming shows! Fans can then exchange these coins for TOM Points which can be used at the TOM Shop. You can download the app for Android of iOS here.

More Information

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting partnership! Hopefully this means we’ll see TOM carrying more Zunko merchandise in the future as well!


Otaku Coin Article
Otaku Coin YouTube Video
Tohoku Zunko’s Twitter
Otaku Coin’s Twitter

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