nicocafe x Otomachi Una Collaboration Cafe Announced

A new collaboration cafe event featuring Otomachi Una will soon be held at the nicocafe! They will be serving drinks and food based on popular Una songs, and official goods will be up for sale as well for patrons.

Drink Menu

Most of the drinks are based on a popular Una song, which go as follows:

Otomachi Una Spicy Drink: butterfly pea tea with whipped cream and a music note-shaped pie

カンデンさせちゃうぞ / Kanden Sasechauzo (I will make Kanden):
blue curacao with tapioca and chocolate

365日綴り続けた恋文のように / 365 nichi Tsuzuritsuzuketa Koibumi no you ni (Like A Love Letter of 365 Days): soda with blue curacao and lavender syrup

踊る恐竜さん / Odoru Kyouryuu-san (Dancing Mr. Dinosaur): milk and maccha with a dinosaur-shaped pie

ぷりてぃんくるしすたぁ / Pre-tinkle Sister: milk with strawberry syrup and whipped cream

キライ・キライ・ジガヒダイ!/ Kirai・Kirai・Ji ga Hidai! (Hate It! Hate It! Huge Ego!): soda with violet syrup

Each drink costs ¥700 JPY, and will come with 1 out of 13 possible coasters, chosen at random.

There is also the option for a drink set for ¥1,200 that comes with 1 out of 3 random posters!

Food Menu

Sweet and Yummy! Una Parfait: ¥950 JPY

I Wanna Be!” Pancake: ¥1,200 JPY

「ever」Plate (rice with potato and broccoli stew): ¥1,100 JPY

Won’t be satisfied with just one bite!” Dessert Plate: ¥950 JPY

“Eat a cow!” Stamina Beef Bowl: ¥1,200 JPY

“Gao Gao!” Beast Pasta: ¥1,200 JPY

Ordering any of the food items will also come with a random coaster.

Goods Information

Otomachi Una x nicocafe giant acrylic stand (273mm x 231 mm): ¥4,000 JPY

Other Otomachi Una x nicocafe acrylic stands (1 random out of a possible 6): ¥800 JPY

Cafe Information

Operation date: May 21 through June 3

Reservations can be made here starting on May 15.

Location: Niconico Honsha

Official collaboration cafe site


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