R4G LUCKY☆ORB Series Available on TOM!

By now, most Miku fans are probably familiar with “LUCKY☆ORB”. If not, you better give it a listen!

This song is the theme of MIKU EXPO’s 5th Anniversary and many fans say it embodies all that is Miku. We definitely can’t disagree.

So when Hatsune Miku’s official Facebook announced the collab with R4G based on the song, fans were beyond excited.

Unfortunately, navigating the R4G website can be a bit difficult as it’s all in Japanese. However, Tokyo Otaku Mode is hooking up international fans with all the goods! You can now pre-order R4G LUCKY☆ORB Series on TOM! Everything has an expected release date of August 2019.

Check out the list below for pricing information on head over to TOM to check out all the merch!

Note that all pricing is with the TOM Premium discount.

Hatsune Miku Lucky☆Orb Kakejiku Tapestry ($31.34 USD)

Miku Lucky☆Orb Blue T-Shirt ($61.74 USD)
Miku Moji T-Shirt ($61.74 USD)

Hatsune Miku Lucky☆Orb Miku Art Black T-Shirt ($41.79 USD)
Hatsune Miku Lucky☆Orb Miku Art White T-Shirt ($41.79 USD)

Miku Moji Pattern Hoodie ($76.94 USD)
Hatsune Miku Lucky☆Orb Zip-Up Hoodie ($87.39 USD)

Miku Moji Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($56.99 USD)

Miku Moji Towel Large ($61.74 USD)
Miku Moji Towel Small ($25.64 USD)

Miku Moji Sacoche ($25.64 USD)

Miku Moji Tights ($20.89 USD)
Miku Moji Jacquard Socks ($16.14 USD)

Miku Moji Rubber Strap ($9.49 USD per 1 random strap)
Miku Moji Embroidery Cap ($36.09 USD)
Miku Moji Backpack ($61.74 USD)
Miku Moji Orb Pen Light ($31.34 USD)

10% Discount!

Until May 16, 2019 at 11:59 pm PDT, get 10% off all Miku merch with the code MIKUEXPO2019. It’s time to get shopping!

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