Stardust’s 520 Confession Day Discounts and Giveaways on MOEYU

May 20 is a day for people in China to confess their love to someone. And if Stardust happens to be your girl of choice, then MOEYU is giving away some nice Stardust merchandise to those who order select goods from their site between May 18 and May 20.

Customers can receive a Stardust hand banner and transparent fan with orders of the following items:

Haiyi Color Changing T-Shirt
Stardust Windbreaker, T-shirt, and Jeans set
Stardust T-Shirt Hoodie
Stardust Short-Sleeved T-shirt
Stardust Shorts

Customers can receive a Stardust-themed airline ticket with orders of the following items:

Stardust Quicksand Glitter Cell Phone Case
Stardust Transparent Clipboard
Stardust Bookbag
Stardust and Haiyi Rings
Stardust Acrylic Keychains
Stardust Watch
Stardust LED Lightup Umbrella

Furthermore, numerous apparel sets are being offered at a discounted price, and through which you can earn ¥84 RMB gift vouchers.

Stardust “The Starry Sky Paean” Set: ¥65 RMB

Stardust “Space Sailing” Set: ¥103 RMB

Stardust “Star Wish Story” Set: ¥113 RMB

And these aren’t the only items that this offer will apply to. Check out MOEYU’s official website to see all the rest of the special 520 discounts and offers for Stardust merchandise!

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