Fan Participation in Luo Tianyi’s 7th Anniversary

Much like YANHE, Luo Tianyi also recently posted on her official Weibo account to remind fans that her seventh anniversary is coming up on July 12, 2019!


In her post, Tianyi makes two requests of her fans:

Send ideas for songs that you’d like to hear during her birthday party!

Here are the criteria:

  1. Must be a Tianyi solo song
  2. Must be an original song
  3. Must not be up for commercial use
  4. Must not be a song that has been performed at any previous concert or birthday celebration

As long as your ideas match the criteria, comment with them on this post!

Send in birthday fan art!

Send in your celebratory birthday fan art to, and Tianyi may feature yours during her birthday party! Make sure to include your contact details, such as any social media account name or information (ex. Weibo ID, QQ number, etc.)

Look forward to more celebration announcements as Tianyi’s seventh birthday approaches!

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