Mo Qingxian’s May 20 Birthday Announcements

May 20 will be Mo Qingxian’s birthday! On that day, there will be a myriad of special treats for the birthday girl and her fans to enjoy. Here is what you can expect.

Official MV for ACE

Qingxian’s demo song, ACE, will be getting an official music video! On her official Weibo account, Qingxian states how near and dear this song is to her, having performed it at Vsinger Live and growing very attached to it since. The official music video will be uploaded online at exactly 12:00 PM on May 20 (CST). If you have yet you hear it, be sure to check it out below.

Original Birthday Song and MV

Qingxian has also announced that another new song and music video will be uploaded online at 7:00 PM on May 20 (CST). The title is still a secret, but a short video was uploaded on her Weibo account on May 17, which could actually be a teaser for the new song. Look forward to finding out for sure!

Video source:

New Merchandise

Finally, new merchandise based on illustrations of Qingxian by Ratto and Haku白 will be going on sale at Shanghai Henian’s official Taobao store at exactly 12:00 PM on May 20 (CST)!

One piece of merchandise is a stylish Qingxian character stand, which will go for ¥128 RMB.

Also available will be the Qingxian woodblock print, also costing ¥128 RMB.

Last but not least will come the Qingxian keychain for ¥40 RMB!

If the keychain seems familiar, it’s because we previously reported on its giveaway when it was first announced back in March!

Speaking of giveaways, those who have Weibo accounts and share this source post will have the chance to be selected as one of two people to receive all of the new merch for free! So best of luck to those interested, and look forward to the revealed videos soon!


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