Mo Qingxian, Luo Tianyi’s Candy Outfit Now Available in 300 Glamorous Heroes

Players of the popular MOBA game, 300大作战 (a.k.a. 300 Glamorous Heroes) can now enjoy some new collaboration content with Vsinger!

Tianyi’s Candy Outfit


First comes Tianyi’s new candy-themed outfit designed by TID that she can now wear into battle. Donning the outfit even gives her attacks new candy-themed animations! You can check out some sample footage below, which is all from this post on the game’s official Weibo page.

Mo Qingxian’s Debut


Perhaps the even more exciting news is that Mo Qingxian is now available as a playable unit as well, making her the third Vsinger to get featured in the game! Her official artwork was also designed by TID, and you can watch an overview video for her abilities in the game.

Watch the full video here on Bilibili:

You can visit 300 Glamorous Heroes’ official website, follow them on Weibo, and/or view their Bilibili channel to keep up with future inevitable collabs with Vsinger!


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