Mo Qingxian’s Birthday Videos and Merchandise Now Released

If you read our previous article about Mo Qingxian’s birthday releases, then the wait is now over! Check out what is now available for viewing and purchasing in celebration of her birthday!

Music Video for ACE

ACE finally has a 3D music video, and it’s a beauty! Give it a watch on Bilibili here!

Music: Li Zong
Lyrics: 雨狸 / Yǔlí
Tuning: 动点P / Dong DianP
Character illustration: TID
Stage modeler: Licht
Character modeler: Sour暄, TOU玖棠
Choreographer: ogata-姚子
Animation: 小怪兽 / Xiǎo Guàishòu
Rendering: LieP9
Supervisor: 卑微的蝼蚁曦歪 / Bēiwéi de Lóuyǐ Xīwāi

Purchase the song on NetEase Music here:

You can even download Qingxian’s official 3D model here:

Password: ce1k

New Song: 《关于你》

Furthermore, Qingxian’s new 2019 birthday song was revealed! In this love song-styled piece, Qingxian likens all the beautiful splendors of the world that she observes – like the ocean blue, the setting of the sun – to the one she loves, a perfect fit considering what May 20th (520) can mean!

Song title: 关于你 / Guānyú Nǐ (Of You)
Full video link:
Lyrics: 古洛 / Gǔluò
Music: 千坂 / Qiānbǎn, 人形兎 / Rosary
Arrangement: 千坂 / Qiānbǎn
Tuning: 动点P / Dong DianP

The song can also be purchased on NetEase Music here:


And finally, the three pieces of birthday merchandise for Qingxian are now available on Shanghai Henian’s Taobao store here! Here they are again:

Character stand: ¥128 RMB
Woodblock print: ¥128 RMB
Keychain: ¥40 RMB

We wish Qingxian the happiest of birthdays, and look forward to celebrating again next year!

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