New Magical Mirai 2019 Visuals Revealed

The official Magical Mirai Twitter page has been revealing a lot of new sub-visuals for the upcoming Hatsune Miku-centered event, likely to be used as merchandise material. Check them all out below!

First came a new chibi illustration of the Crypton Future Media VOCALOID family, drawn by the main visual artist themselves, ni02!

Next came a new take on Miku’s circus design for Magical Mirai 2019, making her look more cool than cute. This new take comes from ざいん / Zain!

The next day brought us another chibi design of the Crypton Future Media VOCALOID family by 千助 / Chisuke. This one is a great deal more stylized, and very characteristic of the artist’s work!

Since 2019 marks Megurine Luka’s 10th anniversary, it made sense to create a new visual all about her, and here we have none other than iXima drawing their take on Luka’s Magical Mirai 2019 outfit! Their illustration brings her dancer outfit to life even greater proportions than before!

Finally, today brings us to the final sub-visual for Magical Mirai 2019, bringing together the whole Crypton Future Media VOCALOID family together in a brilliant and highly detailed piece by 姐川 / Sogawa!

**UPDATE ON JULY 4, 2019**
The sub visual reveals continue on today. Next, we are shown the Magical Mirai 2019 Miku by KEI!

**UPDATE ON JULY 11, 2019**
And now we have the final, final visual for Magical Mirai 2019 Miku designed by しゅがお / Shugao!

Do you have a favorite among the sub-visuals that you can’t wait to get goods for? If so, then share your thoughts on your favorites!


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