New Stardust and Haiyi Merch Available for Pre-Order from MOEYU: Bath Towel, Waterproof Watch, Mosquito Bands

MOEYU isn’t stopping with their announcements of new Stardust and Haiyi products! Here is the next batch of merchandise that will soon be available just in time for summer.

Stardust Bath Towel

First comes the large, fast-drying bath towel featuring a spunky illustration of Stardust by 鬼针草 / Guǐzhēncǎo. It is roughly 160 x 80 cm large and will cost ¥176 RMB.

You can find the product page with even more pictures for the Stardust Bath Towel here on MOEYU, where it scheduled for release on June 27.

Haiyi Waterproof Watch

Next, we have the Haiyi waterproof watch. It is about 23 cm long with a dial diameter of 3 cm. Said dial features a cute illustration of Haiyi’s jellyfish by 薯子 imoko.

You can find more images of the Haiyi Waterproof Watch on the product page here, where it is scheduled for release on June 22 for ¥196 RMB.

Stardust and Haiyi Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

Finally, we have something to keeps the pests away while enjoying yourself in the summer weather with the Stardust and Haiyi mosquito repellent wristbands. These bands are made of silicone, and smell of lemon and citronella oil. Plus, they look quite stylish and can glow in the dark!

You can find more pictures of the wristbands here on their product page. They are scheduled for release on June 12 and will sell for ¥39.60 RMB each.

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