Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix to Collaborate With Snow Miku at 28th YOSAKOI SORAN

At the 28th YOSAKOI SORAN Matsuri that will take place from June 5 through June 9 at the Odori Park in Sapporo, it was known that Snow Miku will be performing and dancing at the event’s final stage. However, what came as a surprise today is the announcement that none other than Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix will be joining her!

The two pokemon will be appearing as representatives of the We Love Hokkaido Discovery Brigade. See the videos featuring them from the Hokkaido YouTube channel to get an idea of how they have been promoting the region.

And it was reported on the Hatsune Miku official blog that Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix will be performing to Gohatto Disco alongside Snow Miku at YOSAKOI SORAN on the same team! And in related news, it was also confirmed that Rabbit Yukine will be participating in the event’s parade as well, so Snow Miku and her friends will be well represented this year!

How will it all turn out? We’ll have to wait until June to see the spectacle!


**UPDATE ON JUNE 9, 2019**
Here are some tweets from the show by spectators and others who were present!

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