Stardust Giant Mousepads From MOEYU Now Available for Pre-Order

MOEYU has revealed their latest Stardust product: 70 x 40 cm giant mousepads!

The mousepads are 3mm thick, and are made from natural rubber. They also come in two varieties:

Type A

Type A features a stylish illustration of Stardust by swd3e2. What’s more, if exposed to enough light, streaks of Stardust’s hair in the design will even glow in the dark! Just imagine this sight on your desk top!

Type B

By contrast, Type B features a beautiful and traditional illustration of Stardust by Ekita玄. A mousepad like this would no doubt add a classical flair to anyone’s workspace! Whichever your choice, you certainly can’t go wrong if you’re a Stardust fan.

You can find their product page here, where they are scheduled for release on June 18. Type A will cost ¥138 RMB while Type B will cost ¥98 RMB.

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