AHS Official Livestream 146 News Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the news announcements that were made during the AHS Official Livestream episode 146, which you can still watch replays of below!

Haruno Sora and VOICEROIDs Featured in Game Lab

The May 20th issue of Game Lab Sansai featured none other than Haruno Sora on the back cover! The cover shows the box art for her official VOICEROID and VOCALOID products, as well as screenshots from “どんな言葉なら届きますか?/ Donna Kotoba Nara Todokimasu ka? (What Kind of Words Will Reach You?),” and many from “無限にホメてくれる桜乃そら先生 / Mugen ni Hometekureru Haruno Sora-sensei (Haruno Sora-sensei Will Praise You Endlessly)” that people could scan the QR code for to watch on YouTube or get LINE stickers for!

We even got to see the inside of the magazine, showing a published interview about the past 10 years of VOICEROID (a heavily condensed version, as the whole interview was actually 2 hours long according to the interviewee, Tomohide Ogata).

“Seyana! Akane-chan in action!” LINE Stickers Now Available

Though they didn’t have any screenshots shown during the livestream, they took the time to remind fans that the “Seyana! Akane-chan in action!” LINE stickers are now available for purchase, and you can get them here. See our previous report for details.

Tomohide Ogata to Participate in The Noises

Less Kitayama‘s very own online radio series, The Noises, which has already broadcast 1,203 shows, will be holding its next public recording session on June 29th, 2019 at 1:00 PM (JST) at AKIBA COLORS. Those who would like to attend can find information on Enterjam (in Japanese)

There, Ogata himself will be a featured guest on the show, though we will have to wait until the show is aired online to find out more about what they will talk about. To give you an idea of what an episode of The Noises is like, check out its latest episode below.

Yuzuki Yukari Flap Daypack Revealed

Next, we learn about some new merch! Introducing the 2019 Yuzuki Yukari flap daypack! All over, you can see Yukari’s motto, rabbit mark, and abbreviated name (YZK YKR), making it distinctly hers! It will soon be up for pre-order on the AHS Store for ¥10,000 JPY starting on June 4 at 4:00 PM (JST) until June 19.

Yuzuki Yukari & Kizuna Akari Collapsible Containers Revealed

In more Yukari merch, they revealed the 2019 Yuzuki Yukari collapsible container, and the new Kizuna Akari collapsible container during the livestream as well!

No release or pre-order date have been decided yet, but we will keep a lookout for them once they are announced!

Haruno Sora Attack & Release Effects

Finally, as we previously reported, Sora’s new Attack & Release effects were demonstrated by EHAMIC during the livestream’s main corner! You can starting watching this part of the livestream at about the 59:30 mark below!


We hope you enjoyed this AHS news roundup! The next livestream will air on June 27th at 8:00 PM (JST), so expect another news roundup after that as well!


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