New Tohoku Zunko Merchandise Available at mag

Visitors to the shop and gallery mag have a large selection of Tohoku Zunko, Tohoku Kiritan, and Tohoku Itako merchandise now up for sale or pre-order! Here’s a look at some of the many recent additions. Note that all prices are tax included.

Available Now

Noren Curtains

The noren curtains that made their debut at Koetsuki 5 are now up for general purchase at the mag shop! You can order them online through the links below for ¥3780 JPY each:

Zunko’s noren curtains
Kiritan’s noren curtains
Itako’s noren curtans

Mini Figures

Tiny figures of the Tohoku sisters that can fit in the palm of your hand! They cost ¥864 each.

Zunko’s mini figure
Kiritan’s mini figure
Itako’s mini figure

Acrylic Keychains

These adorable keychains are 6 x 7 cm, and cost ¥864 JPY each. They can be ordered online through the links below:

Zunko’s acrylic keychain
Kiritan’s acrylic keychain
Itako’s acrylic keychain

Tohoku Zunko Creation Materials

Costing ¥1,620 JPY, this 32-page publication summarizes official info (such as their official height, etc.) for all characters in the Tohoku Zunko universe, as well as official artwork that can be used in videos!
Product page here.

Official Book Series

Each publication costs ¥1,620 JPY

Tohoku Zunko Official Anthology Comic
Tohoku Zunko Official Doujinshi Vol. 1
Tohoku Zunko Official Doujinshi Vol. 2
Tohoku Zunko Official Doujinshi Vol. 3


Of course each sister’s VOICEROID product is available as well! In fact, if you buy them as sets with the voice CDs, then you can get 10% off each product!

VOICEROID+ Tohoku Zunko ex: ¥11,880 JPY
VOICEROID+ Tohoku Kiritan ex: ¥11,880 JPY
VOICEROID2 Tohoku Itako: ¥18,144 JPY

Tohoku Zunko Voice CD: ¥3,780 JPY
Tohoku Kiritan Voice CD: ¥3,780 JPY

Official Novels

For those who would like to do a little more reading, the official Tohoku Zunko novels are also up for sale for ¥1,620 JPY each.

Novel 1
Novel 2
Novel 3

Kiritan Sheet Blanket

This roughly 150 x 220cm sheet blanket costs ¥14,040 JPY
Product page here.

Kiritan Tapestry

Roughly 51.5 x 72.8 cm in size and costs ¥3,780
Product page here.

Tote Bags

Each bag is 36 x 37 x 11 cm and costs ¥3,240.

Zunko’s tote bag
Itako’s tote bag
(Kiritan’s tote bag is out of stock at the time of this writing)

Acrylic Stands

Each one stands at about 99 x 134 mm and costs ¥1,620 JPY

Zunko’s acrylic stand
Kiritan’s acrylic stand
Itako’s acrylic stand

Available for Pre-Order

Zunda Truss Set

Currently available for pre-order is the Zunda Truss Set. For ¥3,240 JPY, you can get all three mini figures of the sisters, plus a truss bridge set to display them in! It will be released sometime in late June or early July.

Find the product page here.

Kiritan Sacoche

Finally, soon up for pre-order at the shop and gallery mag is the Kiritan Sacoche, designed by none other than October Beast! It will be about 16 x 23.5 cm in side, and comes with a 152 cm strap, and will be made available for pre-order starting on Saturday, June 1!


You can follow mag’s official Twitter account here, and visit the Tohoku Zunko shop here. Those who have the means to visit mag in person can consult the map below!

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